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          大功率 LED 及太陽能燈系列照明是近年來照明工程中利用太陽能、發光二極管替代傳統照明的一種新型光源配置形式,由于它環保、節能、高效等無可比擬的優良特性,一問世就受到大眾的青睞??蛇m用于道路、庭院、公園、學校、高原及野外無外接電源地區的照明和裝飾。改變傳統節電節能模式,倡導綠色環保型照明,突出可持續發展理念,造福世界造福人類。

          High power LED and solar energy lamp series lighting is in recent years the use of solar energy, LED lighting engineering alternatives to tra-ditional lighting a new light source configuration forms, due to its envi-ronmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency incomparable excellent features, such as an is favored by the public. Can be used in road, gar-den, park, school, plateau and area lighting and decoration field there is no external power supply. To change the traditional energy saving mode, advocate green environmental protection lighting, highlight the concept of sustainable development, for the benefit of mankind in the world.